CrossFit is our speciality.

North Durham CrossFit has a philosophy when it comes to fitness. There are no shortcuts on the road to getting fit.  We believe in teaching people the importance of health, wellness, and longevity. CrossFit is an amazing training mechanism if it is applied correctly and safely. North Durham CrossFit has years of experience in this area and puts emphasis on efficiency and mastering movements, which all equate to getting fit. Our standards for coaching are the highest around and each class consists of a dynamic warm-up or mobility sessions, followed by movement preparation that leads into either a strength movement or skill practice. Once we have put in some hard work there, it is on to the metabolic conditioning, followed by a brief cool down. All aspects of the class are led by one of our experienced and highly trained coaches.

A note about safety: Some of the movements are complex, and every CrossFit workout will test you. That’s why safety is always North Durham CrossFit’s (and every one of our coaches) first priority. Every workout is scalable, so you’ll always get a challenging workout, no matter your personal fitness level.


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