Johnena B.

What brought you to CrossFit? What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

 I was on the basketball team a couple of years in high school and have done various types of workouts my entire adult life, however, I’ve never considered myself an ‘athlete’. I just never thought of myself in that category or good enough to attach that title to my identity. My husband has been doing CF for over 10 years now and consistently encouraged me to participate with him. I’ve participated with him in our garage gym on and off over the years and even did CF workouts on my own at the ‘Y’ after having my son, but I never felt like I was good enough to actually join a box. After moving to Durham last summer, and what turned out to be inconsistently working out at home for 6 months, I decided I needed to join a gym. Once again my husband encouraged me to join a CF gym. This time I decided to over come my fears and make the jump and join. January 2018 I joined NDCF and have never looked back. It’s been the best decision I’ve made fitness wise in my life. I now view myself as an athlete and have made gains and have goals I never thought I could have.

What was your first impression?

My first few times working out at NDCF I was quickly welcomed by other members. I appreciated that there are multi generations all working out together and people in various stages of their fitness journey.

What are you working on now?

My current goals (which I never thought I would have!) are to get a strict pull up, double unders, and a handstand push up. I’m also working towards becoming a coach.

What’s your favorite North Durham CrossFit memory?

One if my favorite memories is during the CF Open this year.  One of the workouts had 135 lb deadlifts in it, which at the time was my max. Thanks to Joan and others there cheering me on, I was able to get 5x! I couldn’t believe it!