The importance of nutrition will forever be sang from the highest rooftops. Many people believe if they work hard enough in the gym, during group exercise classes, or what have you, they’ll get their desired body. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, and especially as we get older and our metabolism starts to fizzle. Nutrition is imperative to reaching your fitness goal – whether that be performance, getting lean, losing weight or gaining weight! Being in the gym just isn’t enough, so we need to buckle down on our nutrition to meet our goals.

All too often we focus on the newest “diet” fad to reach our fitness goal(s).  I know diets sound appealing at first – “lose 15lbs eating matchsticks for 30 days” – but they aren’t sustainable for an active lifestyle. A “diet” is temporary and does not set us up to change our eating habits once and for all. We need to aim for more sustainable eating habits that fuel our lifestyles and make room for dessert, eventually (haha). The question lingers now; how do I create more sustainable eating habits?

One of the first places to begin is meal prepping (or at the very least mapping out what you’ll be eating for the week). Meal prepping is essential to succeeding in meeting any of the goals mentioned above because the work will already be done when you’re too tired to do it or feeling tempted to have lunch with coworkers. It will also help you develop a better relationship to the food you put in your body. Maybe you aren’t quite sure what your fitness goals are yet but don’t let that stop you from starting somewhere. If this is your first time meal prepping, I’d suggest meal prepping either for breakfast, lunch or dinner for a whole month and see how it feels. If you hate it and rather cook on the spot, try figuring out what you’ll be eating for the following week and getting any necessary prep work done prior to that day’s meal. An InstantPot, crockpot, or muffin tin can greatly aid in meal prepping success!

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