Monday, May 2


Complete until you have 3 outs. Each attempt-unsuccessful is 1 strike and 3 strikes is an out (exercise must be completed unbroken). First round is ten reps of each exercise (for a single, a double is 20 reps, a triple is 30 reps and a home run is 40 reps), if you “bat around” the second round is 20 reps for a single, 30 for a double, 40 for a triple and 50 for a home run) of each exercise, if you “bat around” the third round is 30 reps… of each exercise. No time limit, score is number of runs scored. No stealing.

1. American Kettle bell swings 53/35.

2. Sumo DL High pull with KB.

3. Pushups.

4. Sit-ups.

5. Dead Lift.

6. Double unders.

7. Box Jumps.

8. Push press (95/65).

9. Air squats.