When does the North Durham Weightlifting Club Train w/ Coach?

Thursday: 600-730p
Saturdays: 1100a-1230p

Where does the North Durham Weightlifting Club Train?

124 Latta Rd.

Durham, NC 27712

What is the Cost?

Members: $50 add on to current membership

Non-Members: $145 per month

Remote Programming for Weightlifting Club is $85/month.


Weekly Individual Programming (3-5x a week)

Weekly Video Analysis

Access to the North Durham WLC Team FB group

2x Facility Drop-Ins /month (if in the area)

In order to join us, you must communicate with Amy (info@northdurhamcrossfit.com) that you are joining the North Durham Weightlifting Club. You will be charged monthly. If you wish to discontinue participation, please follow this link, at least 15 days prior to payment dates. Payment is due on the 1st of each month.