Saralyn T.

I had always wanted to try CrossFit and I needed to get in shape for life goals I was pursuing.

I was really surprised at the wide spectrum of people from every walk of life that came together to workout. I was blown away at how welcoming North Durham CrossFit and its members were, it felt like I was returning to a group of long lost friends. Everyone was extremely encouraging and we all pushed each other to surpass personal boundaries.

My biggest accomplishment was being able to do 2-3 full strict pullups, when in the beginning I couldn’t get past the bar.

Currently, I am working on perfecting my Toes to Bar and growing my max pushup count.

My favorite North Durham CrossFit memory was when I completed the “Murph” challenge. As it was one of the most intense Hero workouts I had ever completed since I started CrossFit I was a little intimidated. The family at North Durham CrossFit made it a lot of fun though and it felt like a party. Yeah it was a super hard workout, but we all sweated together and got it done and enjoyed a well deserved meal afterwards.