Our strength and conditioning program gets you ready for whatever life demands, both physically and mentally. We pursue fitness that is equal parts strength, endurance, stamina, agility, accuracy, speed, coordination, power, balance, and flexibility. As we train and broadly expand our capacities, we achieve the kind of fitness that refuses to quit, that pushes through adversity. The kind of fitness that survives and thrives. Our coaches’ priorities are making the workouts and our program work for you. We can adjust our well-rounded strength and conditioning program to meet your needs. All workouts are scalable for all fitness levels, age groups, and physical limitations.

We have been getting people fitter, stronger, and healthier since 2008. All of our instructors are experienced CrossFit athletes themselves and CrossFit Level 1 coaches at a minimum. Many hold specialty certifications. Our facility is over 18,000 square feet with over 4,000 square feet of workout space. Showers are available in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.


Check out the great programs we have to offer!


CrossFit is our primary offering as a CrossFit gym.  Click to learn more about what CrossFit is!

North Durham Barbell Club

North Durham Barbell Club is a great way to dial in technique on the big lifts.  This class is taught by our very own Kate M. 

Kid's CrossFit

Kid’s CrossFit is taught by our very own Preston M.  This is a great way for kids to get active and have fun!

Open Gym

We offer open gym time to our members.  Click to learn more!

Personal Training

Need a little extra help in addition to your normal training?  Contact us for personal training options. 


We offer strongman training! Come learn how to lift heavy things safely and efficiently.

CrossFit Lite

Intimidated by the heavy, complex movements of CrossFit or haven’t been exercising for a while? Give CrossFit Lite a try!


  • Saturday, February 25
    Come Ready for
  • Friday, February 24
    Strength Deadlift 5-5-5+ 60%, 70%, 80%   WOD HOPPER
  • Thursday, February 23Thursday, February 23
    Warm Up Row 3-5 Minutes   Strength L-Sit: Find the appropriate scale and accumulate 2:00 minutes there   WOD 10 Minute AMRAP: 10 Hang Clean (95/65)
  • Wednesday, February 22Wednesday, February 22
    Warm Up 10 ring rows 20 Double Unders Banded shoulder Stretch   Strength Bench Press 5-5-5+ 60%, 70%, 80% After each set accumulate Ring Dips x5-10  
  • Tuesday, February 21Tuesday, February 21
    Warm Up Single Leg stretching 10 Air squats 2 laps 10 Pass throughs   Strength Squat Snatch: 3 – 3 – 2- 2 -1 Working Up along the way  

Meet The Team

We have a great team of trainers. 

Amy H

I have always had a passion for fitness. It wasn’t until I turned 37 years old that I truly began to understand what being fit entailed. After having two children, it was hard for me to reach the weight loss goals I was looking for. I decided to give CrossFit a try. After joining in 2010, I have been hooked ever since. I met those weight loss goals within six months of joining but most importantly, I have become stronger and healthier each and every day. My goal as a trainer is to continuously expand my knowledge in fitness and nutrition and inspire others to do the same.

Kate K

I decided to try to CrossFit in November of 2012 with the intention of mixing it up for a month and then going back to solo training. But soon I was hooked-my lifts were 20, 30, 100 lbs more than they had been and I could move faster for longer. It was extremely empowering-quality instruction and a great community pushed me to achieve more than I had ever envisioned.

Trevor M

CrossFit Level 1

Preston A

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids