“My focus is to continue to become healthier and stronger.”-Stephanie Fisher


I started CrossFit in January 2017.  While sitting at my 6-year-old’s Jiu Jitsu class, another mother talked to me about doing a trial class for free just to try it out.  I am so glad she talked to me about it!  Six month ago, I struggled to keep up with my active 6-year-old and toddler.  Today, I can go out and play with them for hours.

I was slightly intimidated. It was hard to walk into a new place where I didn’t know anything about CrossFit.  I am no longer intimidated.  I try my hardest each day I go and I know that I am doing my personal best.  I love the atmosphere here and how supportive everyone is.

My first bright spot was increasing my back squats by 61 lbs. in just a few months.  My new personal record was a wonderful achievement!  My second bright spot was going for a nice walk and to the park with my kids on Mother’s Day.  It felt good to spend that quality time with them.

My focus is to continue to become healthier and stronger. I want to continue to push myself to reach new goals like consistently being able to do double-unders.

My favorite memory was participating in the CrossFit Open and doing my first Hero workout.  I couldn’t get out of my head during the first Open workout while doing lunges.  It was extremely hard, but Brandon was behind me telling me I could do it and not to give up—he was right!  I did it and felt so accomplished after.

I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to change my life in a positive way. I am so lucky to have some great friends at CrossFit, and more so, wonderful, encouraging, and caring coaches.  My experience here in just six months has been life changing.  It was extremely hard, there are days that I have thought I couldn’t do it, but with the support of everyone at North Durham CrossFit and the desire to want to be an active part of my kids’ lives, helped push me to not give up.  It’s nice to not have to sit and watch, but rather enjoy and be in every moment with my family.  It’s taken a lot of dedication and hard work, but nothing that’s worth it ever comes easy.